so there we were, me and vic, watching colin and edith on t in the park.
“up in a minute are the red hot chilli peppers, once their people have authorised the footage, but over to the second stage where paul weller is now performing.”
so over to god we go. and by the lord is he in form! absolutely topping! vic turns to me and says “i’m off to bed, i’ll leave you two alone”
off she goes, and there i sit with a smile on my face. that is until c+e pop back into frame.
“we will be back to weller later, the chilli’s are still checking the footage , but in the meantime heres some band you have never heard of.”
what the hell? we are going to leave the genius of weller, even though the prima donna chilli’s want to check footage, which won’t be happening for god knows how long, and instead we have to watch some jimi hendrix/cream/led zep throwbacks recorded earlier that day! a band i may add that had just been on the interactive function. the one put there so you could, quote, “catch up with the days acts”
for heavens sake! i know weller isn’t everyones cup of tea, but give him his dues!
30 years in the job, probably only behind macca as englands most prolific singer songwriter!
AND he went on before the chilli’s, but was still onstage after they had come off and were sat in their trailer eating m&m’s with the red ones taken out!
sodding BBC!
and this is what we pay our licence fee for?
god knows.
thank god i saw him in december! (the day before he recorded his current live album. go and buy it!)
i had to sit through the bloody chilli peppers and god knows what for the oh so benevalent bbc to finally show another TWO songs from P.W.!
cheating bastards.
and don’t get me started on the coverage of who last night!


7 responses to “GODDAMN THE BBC

  1. I wanted to be the first to comment on the site…. Alas, I was working today and unable to do so… Glad to see you up and running. Some nice photos of PW. Don’t mind me, I’ll just make myself at home…

  2. I found this site yesterday (via the gift of Site Meter!) and kept checking back to see if there was anything to comment on, cos I wanted to be first too!

    No matter. It’s just good to find another good blogger ;-)

    I heard about this T in the Park / Weller travesty. Crazy stuff.

  3. That is the poorest of direction. what a crime. what is wrong with these producers and directors. It’s not even about whether RHCPs are better than Weller or not. What the fuck is wrong with the direction that this kind of crap could happen? It’s wrong and shoddy craftsmanship. A travesty indeed.

    Is it so we HAVE to buy the dvd I wonder? I remeber these shows back in the day when the tightest production was in gear.

  4. At the risk of upsettin’ yer Cappy I have to question The Style Council. Why? Outside of that He has to be the best GB’s had. One day it’ll be recognised. Hopefully in his n our lifetime. (I just noticed the capital H in He. Hope yer approve!)

  5. to be fair to weller, the style council were often ahead of their time. he recorded an album called “modernism. a new decade” which polydor heard and refused to release. so came the end of t.s.c. if you hear it though, and this was in 1989, it pre-dates a lot of the “house” music that was popular around 4 – 5 years later. admittedly not my favourite style of music, but not bad. looking back, some of it sounds dated, but delve in further than the singles and there are some cracking album tracks that will be listened to for years.
    he is even playing a few on his current tour..ie; long hot summer, shout to the top.
    and he has introduced some more jam songs into his live set too. one of which (running on the spot) he was half way through when the beeb cut away from him. 24 years since he last played it and we only get to see half! probably why it wound me up so much!

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