i reckon i have saved myself a few quid, and bitter disapointment.
i have seen the who twice now. once in 1996, at the manchester arena when they performed quadrophenia, and again a few years back when they did a sort of greatest hits tour.
it must be hard for bands to lose members, yet still carry on. twice now the who have had this heartache. the first time was when mooney died. they must have sat there thinking “FOLLOW THAT!” and the choice to use kenny jones was not the right one. admittedly i cannot think of any drummer at that point in time to replace the legend that was kieth moon, and subsequent record sales seem to prove that they were a shadow of their former selves with him.
then up steps young zak starkey. son of ringo star, and quite possibly the closest thing to kieth moon there will ever be. his style of playing is so remeniscant of moon it is frightening to watch. but, seeing as it was moon himself that gave him his first drum kit, it is hardly suprising!

and then, four years ago, we lose john entwistle. the ox.
the best bass player ever to pick up a four string. no question. and what a way to go, eh? in a hotel room, heart attack brought on by copius amounts of cocaine, whilst in the company of a hooker! the man was pure rock!
and of course the who have replaced him and carry on. and rightly so. they had a string of dates to fulfil, and niether townshend or daltery could be hypocritical enough to say “thats all folks”
but the guy they have replaced him with? pino palladino? no. me either. ok i knew he was townshends regular bassist when he played “solo” gigs. but he has nothing. i don’t doubt his ability as a bassist, but you have a hell of a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots to fill there. and he just doesn’t cut it. they used to call entwistle “thunderfingers” and rightly so. they were a blur. he used to play solos on that thing that would make most guitarists weep.
i saw the who on t-in the park last weekend. (yes i know i have critisised it already, but that was the coverage) i turned the bass boost up on the tv, and still i could barely hear it. whenever they played live with the ox, his bass used to leave you thinking your internal organs were rearranging themselves!
but no more. and to me personally, it is a crying shame.
so i plead to you messers daltrey and townshend. have a look round, and get some one who can at least conjure up the essance of the great man. please.
please feel free to make suggestions.

and heres the proof. it takes a while to get going, and there is a patch of silence in the middle, but definate proof. and if you want proof that moon was as superb, then i can provide that too! enjoy.


One response to “THE OX

  1. you can’t replace entwistle. and it would be an insult to try to do it with an immitator. i saw entwistle also. yes, your hair stood on end. townshend was amazing. but the fact that the bass player was LOUDER, FASTER, MORE STUNNING was more than amazing. but entwistle is dead. and townshend is still here. and he’s on top of his game. and they hired a great bass player to back him up. you don’t have to give pino props. but give them to townshend. he took the band out – again. made a new record – again. and still shows the kids how it’s done. it’d be nice if entwistle were still here. but he’s not. he can’t be replaced.

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