go on, admit it. how many of these did you watch over the weekend?

yeah okay, but watching j.clarkson “accidently” set fire to a caravan on a camp site, and the one next to it was very funny
and i skipped the new version of the hulk. never liked the look of it, and i knew if i finally did watch it, this would not be a happy post!
apologies to all those not of these shores.


8 responses to “A GOOD TV WEEKEND

  1. Watched a bit of Mean Machine but switched over to Spidey. Much more fun. Vinnie’s good but the original Burt Reynolds Mean Machine is the business. The Hulk’s pretty crap really.

  2. was going to watch spiderman, just for kirstens nips. but we have the dvd so i can wan…watch it any time!

  3. unless you came over for the weekend, you wouldn’t have!
    are there petrol fumes escaping from your new car? sorry “justine”

  4. Well, none, I’m in Canada…except!!! I did see Superman Returns and I loved it. I loved the Christopher Reeves series, and I think this new actor is incredible. I was so impressed by his acting. I hope it got good reviews, but I don’t know and don’t care. I loved it!!!

  5. I have watched nothing but CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Leher report, and BBC News on Public Television for the past 4 days. Oh, and I’ve listened to music to straighten my brain out after watching so much war footage.

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