lost in translation: what a gloriously good film. and yes i know it is now three years old, but we never got round to seeing it. so, sunday night, vic and myself decided to settle down and watch it, as it was the first film to be shown on the now free to view film four. and we loved it. but niether of us heard what he said to her at the end. any ideas?
amelie: straight after on more four, another topping treat. not seen this in years! and yes i know you cannot believe i am watching a film with subtitles that doesn’t star bruce lee! i have some culture you know!
thats it. an enjoyable night. off to bed now, to listen to last weekends free newspaper gift of a sample cd of the best seller “eats shoots and leaves”.
p.s. guys, scarlet and audrey in one night? who wouldn’t?


4 responses to “THANK YOU FILM FOUR & MORE FOUR.

  1. Lost in Translation is one of my favourite films. The whole point of the ending is that you don’t know what is said to keep you guessing. I’m none the wiser. Film four being free nis great – there’s a Belgiun film on Wednesday night called ‘Calvaire’ that we didn’t get to see at the cinema, supposed to be great – quite twisted and violent.

  2. Bill Murray is (almost) a God. Groundhog day, Ghostbusters, Scrooged, Lost in Translation n on n on n on….genius

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