and thats your lot. there may have been more, but we thought the camera was broken. turned out it was the batteries! yes we know!

a budding nigel mansell. not a jenson button (one win and he’s james hunt). vicky winning a teddy for fyn on a “whack a” game. shame she didn’t have the camera on me when i shot two balloons with one bullet to win him a pen! cheap pikeys the world over!

this is my mum in law (deffo not the stereo type) and her partner, my sister in law and her daughter, me vic and fyn, and elsewhere sister in laws husband. it was vics birthday while we were away! any excuse.

this was a restaurant we found in la Palmyre, with a couple of waiters who could only be described as “busy” or “light footed”. outstanding food, and to die for white chocolate crepes. mmmm white chocolate… . and believe it or not vics mum and her partner were enjoying it.

just my ability to take pics that make everyone seem miserable! look below and you can see it is a case of like father, like son. “daddy. a vespa!” a copy of me and fyn on it together has been posted to scootering magazine!

vics gonna kill me for the first of these. most of the rest are of the pools and the slide that we couldn’t get the kids off. the middle pool nearly ended me up in hospital, but thats for another time!

a couple of fyn showing a fraction of his love for his mummy, keith threatening to throw both the ankle biters over into the pool, the next entrants for strictly dance fever and a plane that i was ordered to take by the boy!

thats all for the pics, but a few tales to tell. enjoy these for now.


11 responses to “LAST OF THE SNAPS.

  1. Fucking loverly snaps mate! Looks like you all a right laugh (love the zoo ones), and it’s nice to see what your little’un and your missus look like…got your ugly mug all over the place :)

  2. Wow, fun stuff, they do look great as everyone looks so happy.

    oh my god, you trickster…your wife probably TOOK the batteries out of the camera after you got her pic coming out of the shower. Bad boy!

    Really generous of you to post all these wonderful photos.

  3. 4d: my reason for living. after the scooter.
    c.v: glad you like them. put em on fliker then found that picasa via your blog. much better!
    r.d: we took a huge box of p.g. tips with us. but they only had u.h.t. milk. and we all know that stands for undrinkable horrible trash! got told off for putting wine in my tea!
    tidey: the zoo will stay with me for the rest of my life! to be able to touch/feed animals like that was surreal!
    *: cheers. it was very nice
    candy: got another few that i couldn’t possibly publish! unless i get enough persuasion!

  4. Aw, I am SO SORRY!!!!

    Now see, that is the kind of photo I would try to take too…

    (show her the goofy photos I took of my daughter doing a model “runway walk-off” late at night after a couple beer! and she will see we have similar bad sides or well, come on, its supposed to be fun right? Ha ha ha)

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