three pools. one about 12 inches deep for toddlers etc. one a normal one, about 1.5 metres deep for normal swimming etc. and this one. roped off on the left of the pic for people coming out of the slide. and the rest of it? the plate on the floor states 2.0 metres. yes 2.0 metres.
i had not been in it. no point. but then we decided to sit around the baby pool so the kids could use their big inflatable seals. i thought i would go for a swim. but i couldn’t be arsed to walk round to the “big pool” so i went to the middle one. 2.0 metres deep remember.
i walked up to the edge, jumped in.
CRUNCH. the lying gets! it was 2.0 metres deep. but in the middle! it gradually went to that depth but started at about 1.0 metre. thankfuly my ankle held up, but i bent all my toes back and spent the next twenty minutes swimming around thinking i had broke them and scared to get out of the pool.
eventually i did get out and hobbled to where vic was. i sat there for an hour or so not daring to take the blue rubber sock off that was covering my leaking wound!
we then went back to our chalet, and i could put it off no longer. off it came. and lo and behold, no blood, no bones sticking through, and no sign of the instant bruising that normally comes with broken toes (as past experience has proved).
just a sprain i reckon. still hurting today, but getting less painful everyday.
moral: look before you leap.
proof: idiot.


9 responses to “OUCH! STUPID GET!

  1. Leaking wound? You mean you still have a gaping hole in that injured ankle? It’s been a year and something, right? This doesn’t sound right.

  2. Urk, a wet suit. What is that? A sculpture of a seal? A whale? And is it permantently there beside the pool?

    A long leaking wound, oh sheesh a friend of mine Scott has a shin injury that never heals for like ten years when he was a garbageman.

    Poor circulation?

  3. At least you didn’t scrape your face. Tidy would kill me for telling you this, but, he’s a face scraper. He has no sense of depth when it comes to diving under the water in the pool. Maybe ’cause he’s 6’3″…or just clumsy…I still love him though :P

  4. welcome music girl. i do believe this is your first comment on my blog. you are very welcome. hope you are feeling better.

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