by the way, a new double disc, remastered version of quadrophenia was out last monday……what do you think?
which makes: 2 vhs, 2 dvd, 1 vinyl and 3 cd versions. plus the live dvd. obsessed? me?


7 responses to “STUPID QUESTION

  1. Double disc. Does that mean there are lots of extras…like the history of the times, interviews with PETE?

    Did you find any other bloggers who have already seen it?

    Oh, go for it!!!!

    and then write a review of the dvd features!

  2. I bought it. I still have my original vinyl copy also, without any scratches. You are not obsessed. It is awesome music.

  3. the first disc is a remastered edition with commentary by franc roddam (the director) and phil daniels (jimmy). it also has a guest “appearence” on the talk over by leslie ash (steph).
    the second disc has a making of, with interviews with most of the cast except for leslie ash, sting, micheal elphick etc. mr elphick can be excused as he is desceased, miss ash because of the way she looks now (trout pout), we all want to remember as she was. well i do anyway. and sting is probably too busy having tantric sex. nobhead that he is.
    when we saw it live, billy idol was the ace face and he made a damn better one than mr sumner!

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