apparently hiccups are a first sign of cancer. i shall repeat that. apparently hiccups are a first sign of cancer. i read it in the paper last night. now the fact that it was in eases my mind! what a load of fucking purile crap! this in the same week they print 12 month old pictures of prince harry groping a girl and claim that they were taken a few weeks ago! yes they were taken a few weeks ago. from the house of the girl who he was “cudling” as they were taken on her fucking camera! low life stealing lying scum!

It says here that the unions will never learn
It says here that the economy is on the upturn
And it says here we should be proud
That we are free
And our free press reflects our democracy

Those braying voices on the right of the house
Are echoed down the street of shame
Where politics mix with bingo and tits
In a strictly money and numbers game

Where they offer you a feature
On stockings and suspenders
Next to a call for stiffer penalties for sex offenders

It says here that this year’s prince is born
It says here do you ever wish
That you were better informed
And it says here that we can only stop the rot
With a large dose of law and order
And a touch of the short sharp shock

If this does not reflect you view you should understand
That those who own the papers also own this land
And they’d rather you believe
In coronation street capers
In the war of circulation, it sells newspapers
Could it be an infringement
Of the freedom of the press
To print pictures of women in states of undress

When you wake up to the fact
That you paper is tory
Just remember, there are two sides to every story

lyrics-it says here by billy bragg.


4 responses to “EVERYBODY STAY CALM!

  1. Always room for a Bragg lyric. Spangly Princess posted The Saturday Boy last week. I was going to do one yesterday and forgot. Maybe I’ll do it next week now.

  2. Great post, I remember when there was some paper saying bras caused cancer. I wrote the paper and it got published I said, “oh no what am I going to do if bras cause cancer? Where shall I carry my gun and my money? How do I stop the jiggling on the back of a motorcycle if we can’t wear bras?

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