Les montres molles by salvador dali.
this painting is me. time means nothing. you may have noticed that it is very rarely that i do a topical post. there is good reason for this. it is not that i don’t care for the world and my surroundings, it is because i tend to read the papers on my lunch hour, which is at midnight. therefore what i read is old news. i then get home with a head full of ideas (there is plenty of room!) to find you have all already done the same! yesterday!
back to my point. which is a challenge! i want all of you to publish a post with what you consider to be a work of art that reflects you in blogland. and to make it more interesting i won’t allow any of you to use edvard munchs’ scream! mwa ha ha!
there you go. humour me!
and no this isn’t a section of persistance of time, it is a totally different painting. so there! (go on. admit you’re a little impressed)



  1. well…a little…

    you goin all arty on us then?

    ok. Just posted so next post will be the picture that most reflects me. Probably.

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