guess where i went this afternoon? the theatre of dreams…oakwell!
look dinners, a crowd! they could have fitted your lot in the away end with the southampton fans! “come on a milk float, you must have come on a milk float!” your lot not had a good day. sorry. it was the second time fyn has been, and this time he enjoyed it! i of course was on my best behaviour! almost.
and the wonderful toby tyke was on form. what would i give for that job.
by the way it ended 2-2. we played the ref as well. b*****d! Posted by Picasa



  1. I moved south, my grandad died and it halved the gate at Oldham. There was nobody left to eat the pies. There never was anybody there playing football. A couple of seasons back at Loftus road the Oldham fans were all at one end of the ground (apart from this mad git). They were both behind the goal I believe….somewhere

  2. i remember being at oakwell in the eighties, when we were in the third division, and i turned to the guy next to me and said
    “OI MATE”
    (thanks jasper carrott)

  3. Y’bastards. Cost me 92 quid today, I backed Southampton to beat you lot.

    (only cost me a quid but y’know)

  4. Me: Son, would you like to take a soccer (I know, I know!) class?
    Son: No
    Me:Come on! Just try it.
    Son: No

    I go and check your blog, see the handsome boy at a game…

    Me: Look! See who it is??
    Son: That’s my friend…Fyn.
    Me: You see where he is?!? He is at a soccer game! Wanna take that class now?
    Son: Ah, okay. I’ll try it…

    Class runs 7 weeks and is taught by “The British Elite Soccer Club”. Least your kid is getting my kid to try something new.

  5. Wow, it really was full full huh? The mascot cracks me up. what a nice looking stadium.
    My god, your kid is gorgeous! Cold? Cool scarf.
    Must have been great to be out and seeing the match!

  6. sorry dullard, can’t believe you backed the southerners. your doings mate!
    camie; good on you. and him. hope he has as much fun as fyn does.
    candy; er, the other side wasn’t as full! still a good turn out. we are slightly dearranged here in barnsley. even when we were bad, there used to be big crowds! suprising as we are not an affluent town and the prices for us adults aren’t cheap. £20 for me, £6 for fyn.

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