i have changed to blogger beta. what do you think? no, looks no different does it?
the thing is, it won’t let you automatically sign into comments, so you won’t be able to link to me by clicking my name on your comments. i have sat here for about an hour, thinking i couldn’t comment. and the thing is, once you swap, you cannot go back. this is why i have been weighing it up for about a week!
the good news is that when you do sign up, it is so easy to customise your blog. you can do it at the click of a button insted of having to deal with templates and all that http stuff. perfect for us novices.
so there you go. have a look on your dashboards and see what you think.

oh and if you have your comments set up that anonymous can’t post. i cannot comment. or haven’t figured it out yet, so don’t take it personally!
that means you, ronanymity, her indoors and anticrapitalist!

i think i have this sorted now. apart from the anonymous comments bit! we will see. oh, and dullard seems to have gone for beta too!


17 responses to “DO YA LIKE? WELL DO YA?

  1. Did you do that? A friend of mine (Lefty) did that to his computer. A girl broke up with him via a very lame e-mail…being a Scott, he drank profusely and then smashed his computer to pieces. I watched over him, then picked up the pieces while he threw up all the alcohol. Poor kid, put him to bed and didn’t mention the computer till the next day…..

  2. I’ve been thinking about going to Blogger Beta. Maybe I will, though I don’t really know why. I’m hoping it’ll mean no more of those bloody glitches we’ve all suffered from of late, but I doubt it.

  3. Hmm…I might look into this…next week.

    Might be away from computers for a couple days, just thought I’d let you know…catch up with you by Friday Cappy

  4. I have just gone Beta and I claim my £20.

    Except I’m having trouble posting comments.
    Will this work? Fuck only knows.

  5. From what I understand, it’s still being rolled out on a limited basis (see here), and unless you are selected you can’t change. Something to do with all the changing over of data from one system to the other, maybe. I have seven blogs in my Dashboard, so I guess that’s a lot of data. Plus, I’m concerned, since I use Safari as a browser, and they are still ironing out some issues with that browser…

  6. seems to be settling down for me now. apart from the same probs with non anonymous comments on other blogs.
    cheers anyhoo.

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