9/11: the comic. no really!

today, understandably, a lot of thoughts turn to five years ago, and the attacks on the twin towers. but let me share in something which i am still trying to get my head around.
not sure how many of you guys read the times during the week, or at the weekends come to that. this week the strangest (in my humble opinion) thing was given away free. it was a very shortened copy of the hardback, illustrated, comic book version, of the commission report of the twin tower attacks.
there should have been pictures here, in fact i scanned the whole thing with the intent of posting it all, but something is amiss in beta land.
basically the gist of my post was to be whether or not it was in bad taste. it is produced in the style of most “graphic comic books” and to be honest, is a stunning bit of art. i just wonder of the validity of presenting something as important as the 9/11 commission report in such a lowbrow manner. but then my thinking went along the lines of, “if they want to appeal to the type of person that wouldn’t normally read this type of report then all good and well, but these types (in this country) wouldn’t be buying the times in the first place. and there is little chance of them forking out beer money on a glossy “coffee table” book either.
i dunno. really. got me puzzled.
anyhoo i’ll try and post some pics here and failing that will try and sort the problem.

found a site that is serializing it. go to SLATE.COM and click on the “launch” tab on the picture.

i am going to take the time to read it all one day this week/weekend.

good grief a sensible post! whatever next!


4 responses to “9/11: the comic. no really!

  1. Got me a bit puzzled too. half expect Spiderman to pop up somewhere. Maybe it’ll get people to read it who otherwise wouldn’t. Can’t decide.

  2. I often regret not buying the comic book that was published about 9/11 with Superman and Spider-Man (I think it was them anyway). I remember looking through it when I was in NY six months later. Lots of pictures of the two superheroes standing around in the Ground Zero rubble scratching their heads and weeping. Strange.

  3. That is a beautiful looking comic book.

    Okay, well I am alright with this Cappy and here is why.

    If it weren’t for the “classic comics” of my uncles when I was little like Jeckyl and Hide or Red Badge of Courage…I probably wouldn’t have read. I have dyslexia and am a very slow learner. It was following the narratives in comic books that I believe led to my joy of reading. My uncle also had history comics, which I found boring, but desperate sometimes I read them anyways.

    I can see several reasons why this comic book might be cool. For people like me with learning disabilities( although I have found ways to overcome and deal with them now as an adult) and for people who may have language barriers as well.

    I think the graphics are incredible, and I wonder it probably is collectable. I remember hearing about the superhoeor comic of 9/11 and never saw it, I would like to.

    And as a person who if growing up now in in Britain, I probably would have beena chav, as I am your classic white trash backgound here…I think it’s a good idea for a comic book recounting history. Even better if it educates people about the kind of nihlistic personality disorder that these fuckheads were. Not religious! Nihilistic fuckheads.

    I am going to read the whole thing in a few minutes, and I thank you for the link. My first impression is that it is cool.

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