now was it just me, or was monday nights eastenders in bad taste?
billy is on a tube, which has stopped in a tunnel, he is ranting about “keeping your identity” and how “all the little shops are deli’s now” which was like watching a party politcal broadcast on behalf of the b.n.p., and i thought that was bad enough before the bloke he was ranting at says “how can you sit there saying that? today of all days” billy is clueless (no change there) and the guy holds up a copy of the “walford gazzette” with a headline concerning the 9/11 attack.
how cheap of the bbc to use this as a story line?
or is it me?
please tell me i am not over reacting. vic isn’t here to calm me down this week! (she’s at the national waste management conference/exhibition in brum.)
i need you guys to help! right or wrong? good to highlight it, or cheap scriptwriting?


7 responses to “AND PEOPLE SAY I AM SICK.

  1. Yeah, I suppose they wanted to make a public service storyline, but maybe on a different day and in a different manner?

    You’re not alone, its a little cheap.

  2. I dunno mate. It’s cheap definately, but I guess they had to get something in and that was a way of sgnalling to the Chavs that they need to get their shit together.

    And, sorry for not being by too much lately. Beta-blog looks nice mate. Come mid-October I hope everything will calm down and I can come pester you again (and the rest of ya in our little blog-circle).

  3. it was on as i was preparing to go to work.
    don’t watch it. too much doom and gloom.
    the only decent thing was phil daniels, but he doesn’t seem to be involved in many story lines these days.

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