occasionally GMTV do a serious feature. there has just been a guy on who has been released after serving 3 years for raping a women. a crime he did not comit. he was released after it was proved without any doubt that he had never had contact with this woman and evidence was produced to prove that the woman in question was a serial liar, on more than one occasion accusing perfectly innocent men of raping her. men that had never met her. yet she remains anonymous to protect her.
thats right, she has ruined the lives of many, yet she remains unknown to protect her! in my opinion she needs to be named and shamed (as the chavtastic sun would say). often, men who are falsley accused of this sort of crime get the sack from their job, and are vilified in public, their lives absolutely ruined. even when found not guilty a stigma of “did he really do it?” follows them forever.
it is about time that the accusers are publicly exposed, and treated as they deserve to be.
ny view, would like to know what you think.


7 responses to “CHANGE THE LAW NOW.

  1. got to agree with you there, there is nothing to stop this woman doing the same thing again and ruining yet another mans life, she should be sent to prison for wasting police time agmonst other things

  2. ya n all wimmin tryin 2 collect money 4 babies should has 2 do dna tsting b4 tha guy gets stuck payin 4ever if it his make m pay if not screw her …o somebody already did …
    really i think u r right n i think all tha guys should sue her not so thay can get money she prolly dun has ne but 2 make a public record of it

  3. Yeah, this woman has a sickness…she should be outed for it and also treated. It must be some kind of illness like munchaechens…ya know, a need for sympathy?

    And what makes me especially sickened is that most women who finally have the nerve to face the cops and report a rape, they would much rather NOT…and it took so long for women to get any kind of protection or justice from rape crimes…to see someone abuse the system and struggle for laws to protect women and lock men up this is really sad. It creates a worry of a backlash to former stigma for women reporting rape.

    A few bad apples as they say…

  4. if you read the news yesterday, you will have noticed that a girl that claimed she was raped by four men has been sent to prison after it was proved she wasn’t drugged and consented. thanks to one of the guys videoing it all on his phone!
    maybe this is the start of the change.

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