the truth is this;

AGE; 36
WEIGHT; 21st 2.3lb
HEIGHT; 5ft 8.1in

FAT INDEX; 48.5%
FAT MASS; 10st 12.7lb

YOUR NORMAL WEIGHT IS BETWEEN; 9st 6.olb and 11st 10lb


and yes i know before you all say it. but until i went on these fancy scales i guess i was kidding myself that i wasn’t quite this bad! so thats it, i am starting to watch what i eat. salads at work every night. less shitty fast food stuff at home. and if anyone who knows me, sees me eating something shit, you have my permission to knock it forcebly from my mouth/hands!


been to see my consultant today. he says there are still tiny traces of infection, and i need to lose weight. he is also talking about me going back in for another op. and yes, that is a dressing, yes it’s still oozing! nice eh? only been four years so far!

as you may be able to see in the photo below (sorry for the dead skin on my heal!) there is a pronounced gap between the right underside of my foot and the floor. this is causing me to walk badly, which in turn is probably causing the pain in my back etc when i try to walk.

his suggestion is to go back in and chop and chisel around so he can reset it so it is flat. this is somewhat of a relief as he said three years ago that it was the last op or amputation. told him today that i had given it serious thought, and there have been times when i wished i had chosen differently!
his reply was “it is always preferable to have an infected, ugly, painful bothersome foot than a prosthesis. bit like wives!”
so there we go. back in six weeks, and take it from there.

thats all.

that burger does look tasty though!

i might take a couple of days away from posting. need to get my shit together. on a bit of a downer at the moment, which is so not me! aint life sometimes an absolute kick in the balls? ya got to laff!

i will leave you with these words…

Why are you frightened – can’t you see that it’s you
That ain’t no ghost – it’s a reflection of you
Why do you turn away – an’ keep it out of sight
Oh – don’t live up to your given roles
There’s more inside you that you won’t show

But you keep it hidden just like everyone
You’re scared to show you care – it’ll make you vulnerable
So you wear that ghost around you for disguise

But there’s no need just ‘cos it’s all we’ve known
There’s more inside you that you haven’t shown

So keep on moving, moving, moving your feet
Keep on shuf-shuf-shuffling to this ghost dance beat
Just keep on walking down never ending streets

One day you’ll walk right out of this life
And then you’ll wonder why you didn’t try

To spread some loving all around
Old fashioned causes like that still stand
Gotta rid this prejudice that ties you down

How do you feel at the end of the day
Just like you’ve waked over your own grave

So why are you frightened – can’t you see that it’s you
At the moment there’s nothing – so there’s nothing to lose
Lift up your lonely heart and walk right on through.

ghosts – the jam (from the gift lp)


13 responses to “SOMETHING SCARY.

  1. This stone thing. Geez, I had to Google it and get the calculator out. Do you all use the stone calculations so the actual poundage doesn’t sound as bad?
    I am an inch taller than you and 120 pounds lighter. Remember, I am preggy, so all diets are off limits (that’s what I say). I plan on getting a gym membership, a personal trainer (to keep an honest eye on me) and the proper Body For Life Book that Dullard recommends, two weeks after dropping this kid out. Talk to the Dullard about the book and such. You can do this, man. Just look at your foot and thing “amputation”, if you need reminding. Good luck, I am rooting for you!

  2. Chin up, mate. Take a few days. Have a laugh with the family. Things will seem a bit better. And then get yerself all determind to do what you know has to be done for the sake of yer health.

    (Sidebar’s not giving me any gip any more either, so thanks fer that!)

  3. the foot looks nasty, the diet, well i am on and off them, best one for a quick start is lipotrim, costs 45 a week for men but its good, no food allowed only the replacement meals i lost three stone on it. hope you enjoy the rest from blogging we here for you when you get back. chill out bud

  4. you can do it cappy. I did so anyone can. Gizza bell if yer feel really down n I’ll make yer feel worse…no…that’s wrong…er…what was I sayin’…

    bell us if you want a chat mate

  5. Well hunny I am so sorry your feeling so low, hope you get some relief from that nasty foot, it doesn’t look nice, stick at it and keep your chin up. Get well soon.

  6. Yeah…a break and rest can be good…a comedy? A good meal of chicken and salad?

    Look, you’re gonna hear it everywhere…but I’ll start. You need to drink 4 litres of water a day. Minimum. Get a two litre water bottle so you can measure the water…drink two of them. You do need to actually measure the water because it’s too easy to guess and drink too little water.

    Dieting doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Honest, I promise, if you avoid starches like bread, cereal, noodles, potatoes and rice…for two weeks you will lose 7kilos.

    Fat leaves the body through water(piss and sweat) so drink lots of water to healp circulate this loss.

    You can stille at a burger…lean ground beef, nice cheese, not processed…lettuce tomato, onions…but NO BUN!

    That way, you get the flavour and nutrients without the fattening crap of bread.

    Okay, sorry to say so much here,e specially when you’re not feeling great…but really, I know you can do thi…and have lots of energy!

    Thinking of you,

  7. 12 months ago I joined a gym. I was on tablets for my cholestorol (or whatever you spell it like). I looked just like my old man who had died from heart disease 2 years ago. In the nude I looked like crazy frog. Sometimes life gives us a much needed kick up the arse. Listen to it, you have everything worthwile to gain and nothing valuable to loose. If theres anything I can do to help, just let me know.

  8. Aww baby..
    If you lose 50 lbs i will send you 2 whole nude photos.
    Of me even , ( why in hell would anyone want that?)
    you can do it darlin..
    its just food


  9. Good luck mate! You can do if you really put your mind to it. You don’t have to suffer when you diet, just eat sensibly (no fast food!!), keep an eye on the booze and exercise. I know your foot stops you doing too much, but can you swim? Swimming is one of the best aerobic work outs…

  10. cheers to all of you.
    cynnie, can i have the photos first? i think they could aid with certain exercises!
    camie, er…i’ll pass on those photos. on second thoughts though the wife might like em!

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