some of you may have noticed i have been a bit quiet of late. there is good reason. the above is the logo for the internet radio station that i listen to, which also broadcasts two live shows a week. the young stylist that is dj mod on a friday 7-8:30pm (GMT) and the dj spider show on a sunday night, 8-11pm (GMT).
and there is to be a third. not sure what day or time, but if i had my choice, it would be on a saturday evening, hold on a minute….i have a choice….BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE MY SHOW!!
yes you read that correctly. all i did was ask “do you need loads of fancy expensive kit, or could any numpty do it” and i was offered my own live slot!
now to say this is a bit of a dream come true, would be an understatement! i remember hours sat in my bedroom with my stereo, spare tape deck for cueing cassettes up, “broacasting” to thousands. well, my toy soliers anyway!
and here it is, twenty odd years later and i get the chance to do it for real.
i don’t know yet when my first show will be, as i have so much stuff to sort out before i can actually do it, but you will be informed in time to listen.
it may be good, it quite possibly will be the shittest thing ever heard, but unless i give it a go, i will never know. and that dear freinds would be worse than being shit!
wish me luck. see you soon.


10 responses to “CAPPY ON THE RADIO?

  1. Eyyy, nice one, mate! You definitely got to let us know where and when etc so we can tune in. I’m sure you’ll be a natural.

  2. This is wonderful!!! I love it, twenty years later! Well it’s never too late and this will be such a personal best. You will be lovely at this Cappy! Just awesome I know it, wish I could hear it…will you have a syncronized link here? Maybe record a little for us…later. Don’t worry about anything…you have a dj in your soul…you will be great! This is important stuff to do in life, these dreams.

    lots of fun and best wishes,

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