so go on then, how many of you have read THIS STORY?
no? well guess which is one of the housholds that are going to be without their vouchers this coming christmas?
yes, thats right! the cappy’s. to the tune of £500. and there are people worse then that. i read of a single mother of three who has lost £900, and pensioners that have lost as much. there is talk of government/MP types saying we should be helped, but who by? not them i can bet that.
myself and vic are severely pissed off about it all, and are sympathising with everyone in the same position, as well as the poor reprasentatives, who will no doubt be getting earache from those that don’t qyite understand what it all means.
the only bit of advise i will give to anyone reading this that has been stuffed by
FAREPAK is to get in touch with your rep and make sure they are passing your details onto the relevant authorities.
you may not get a penny back, but will stand a better chance if you register your name with the people dealing with it all.
that and remember, your rep is not to blame.
one more thing to remember….

just remember that christmas isn’t about consumerism, be grateful that you will hopefully be surrounded by the people that you love.
heres to a happy christmas.
(wonder what the FAREPAK chief executives will be getting this year?

update: friday 20th october, 9:00am

apparently the minister for something or other has enquired of the businesses, whose vouchers we should have got, whether there is any sort of compensation they can give. a hamper or something.

excuse me whoever you are, but a fucking hamper? can see that on christmas morning.

“here you go fyn, i know you asked for a sony PSP, but heres a christmas pudding and some brandy sauce”

what kind of fucking planet do these people live on.

no doubt there will be more updates on this.

title credits: half man half biscuit.



  1. Oh this must be a terrible shock. I am sorry to hear this Cappy…and please don’t let it bring you too down okay? Youa re right, Christmas isn’t about shopping or consummerism. Most important is to make sure the kids have some yummy snacks and lots of time and love from you.

    Let us know how this goes in the area…have you just found out, and I bet people will have an outroar…?

  2. Fucking consumerism again. Everywhere I go I see advertising directly marketed at our kids. (well not ours specificaly but you know what I mean)..and I cant spell either.

    But its bollocks.

  3. That is so fucked up, Cappy. I saw about it on the news and thought it was shit enough even before I knew anyone affected. Now, well it’s not worse, but it’s still big-time fucked up. Sorry for youse. Surely someone somewhere has to be responsible for this and has to pay up? You can’t trust any cunt these days. Shame.

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