new pictures taken this morning (saturday) now on CAFE BLEU not too pretty, and not for the squeemish. you have been warned!

so i have been to the hospital yet again this morning, and i am now on the waiting list for my next operation.
they are going to take the metalwork out thats in, and get rid of some gristle thats also in there. then they intend to jiggle my heel about, and reposition it to aid me in my mobility, and secure it with two new (big) screws.
this is going to take place any time within the next six months so i will keep you posted.
me and the missus have been arguing a bit this last week or so, and as such i haven’t had the time to post or keep up with whatever you guys are up to. for this i apologise. the reason behind most of the arguements stem from murphy. (below)

you may remember me telling you that we obtained him from a rescue about seven months or so ago. a totally lovable dog, and a dog with a lot of love to give. but unfortunately a dog that needs a hell of a lot of attention, which is something we cannot offer him, what with the commitments that a six year old boy that now plays for a footy team brings to your life.
along with that was the fact that murphy decided that even with the kitchen door open all day he would rather do his “dirtys” in the house. in fact all over the house. this after a week or two becomes a pain in the arse, not to mention seven months. again, with a six year old……
and the cat. the cat we have had for ten years, another rescue animal. but she has not come downstairs since we have had the dog. when she has they have gone at each other like things possessed. not fair for a cat that loves to be outside. things had to give.
it was because of this we took the very painful and upsetting decision to return him to the rescue centre. harsh. hard for us to do. and maybe, you may think, cruel, but we can not afford to be replacing carpets regularly. and not something we took lightly. hard. but with a six year old……..

and so to the diet. i read in the paper on monday of a guy who has lost 15 stone in 12 months by eating three bowls of oxo each day (along with fruit and veg).
thats over a stone a month.
i am up for that. i love oxo!
and lets face it, they have different flavours now.
so with the thought that i am going to have a new op, and all that comes with it, in the next six months, if i can loose half a stone a month in that time, it will hel;p me considerably.
watch this space.

murphy, this ones for you kiddo. love you. miss you. but the best thing for all of us. sorry.



  1. Don’t feel bad about Murphy mate. You returned him to the rescue centre. Nowt else you could do – apart from buy a second house that he could live in. Lotsa people just dump ’em. You gave it a real go ‘n that’s what counts.

    Good luck with the oxo. You sure it’s a safe way? Check with your GP first. Don’t want our Cappy fadin’ away now!

  2. oxo diet?

    Sounds a bit shite but what the fuck do I know?

    We had a cat that used to shit all over the house and even in the bath.

    We took him back

  3. what the fuck is oxo?

    I have george..the retard dog.
    I feel your pain..
    But I have no where to take him , they kill them as fast as they get them in the “rescue” centers.
    I’ve had him 3 years …i cant wait to take him to the states with me , so i can put him in a california shelter

  4. Geez, Cappy… What a time you have had. So sorry about Murph. You all did your best.

    I don’t know what Oxo is either. No worries, I’ll google it. Like Dinner’s said, be careful on a diet like this. Make sure you take a good multi-vitamin.

    Hope to see you on Saturday, via ScootaRadio.

  5. damn n blast n damn n blast. I’ve been roped into goin’ on a quiz night by the management. Won’t be back in time for yer broadcast. This is not good enough Dinners!! Soz old bean. Duty calls – as does the management’s aim with a toothbrush if I say no. Have a good n and play Mirror in the Bathroom for me will yer?

  6. think most of us would do the same thing with murphy, i know i would and i know its a hard call to make but like you said its best for you all.
    no way oxo and veg! not standing downwind of you!

  7. Don’t buy into fad dieting or crash dieting, eat plenty of fiber, protein, get all your vitamins and lift weights… for every pound of muscle you build, you burn an extra 50 calories a day (all on your own).
    Also, don’t skip meals, eat several small meals or snacks a day (eat like every 4 hours)… Your metabolism will go through the roof.

  8. I don’t know much about dieting, but the Oxo diet sounds a bit like bollocks. Approach with caution.

    Sorry to hear about Murphy. I’m a big fan of UK rescue centres and the great work they do, unlike in some other countries. I feel bad for your cat, so in that regard I think you’ve probably made the right decision, and the important thing is that you tried, as 4D said.

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