i am currently in the process of getting a webstream sorted for my broadcasts. you will soon be able to hear and see me at the same time!
heaven help us all!

VIEW IT HERE! remember, it is only during live broadcasts.


7 responses to “OH GOOD GOD, WHATS NEXT?

  1. “Hey Mr. DJ
    Put a record on
    I wanna dance with my baby
    When the music starts
    I never wanna stop
    It’s gonna drive me crazy

    Music makes the people come together
    Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel”

    ’bout time! Been bugging you for it for weeks now…

  2. H.E; instructions will be posted on saturday.
    Tink; contain yourself!
    *; reply posted on your blog, but for you, not bad. well shot, crap commentary.
    dullard; ROCK ON!
    camie; you ask, i try. and if that is a hint, i am sorry. no madonna!

    owt else?

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