the punk

the dullard

gone but not forgotten.

don’t know about you guys, but i was quite upset when i read that DILLIGAF was to end! and there has been no sign of ranting dullard for nearly two weeks now! they have their reasons, and who are we to question them? it is my own selfishness that wants them to stay! good luck guys, stay in touch.



  1. No of course you’re not selfish Cappy…you couldn’t ever be selfish…these are your blogging buddies and pals.

    The two of them have inspired many of us this past year. I am sorry to hear they may be stoppoing blogging…or maybe just a long break, mix it up a bit?

    Maybe they just need to mix it up a bit and get a new lookon things. Sometimes taking a break can lossen up the imagination and creative jiouces, no?

    Take heart and hang in there Cappy!

  2. It’s a fucking liberty, that’s what it is. Quitting, when we’re all depending on ’em. ;-)

    I hope they come back, but as you say, Cappy, they’ve got their reasons. It’s all up to us now to keep the faith…

    Glad you’re still with us, old boy.

  3. Cappy i need you ..I do i do ..

    The dullard was my first english dude crush..
    Neil was like a big brother..I could always run to him and get cheered up.

    This fucking sucks .

  4. I can’t help it–i’m selfish too… I know it’s natural as Barnze says that ‘blogs roll in and out’, but I get accustomed to popping by each of your blogs, and I have grown fond of you all and your words! I know it’s tough keeping up with it sometimes, but everyone please stay!!!

    Your Auntie Jac

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