….but i have been busy. so some news.

did anyone else see the news over the weekend that mr weller turned down a C.B.E. in the new years honours? by all accounts he was asked first whether he would like to accept one, but respectively turned it down. can’t say i blame him. i mean, what do they mean these days?

secondly, and i have to admit i nicked this from infinite muppets site, on your left is my chart! it is from last.fm and it collates the facts and figures from all you listen to on your media player.so much fun and the real reason why i haven’t been blogging. been having too much fun with that!

and finally, the new look radio shows are off and running. the new format of two hours of ska and punk seem to have been a hit, as has the hour (sometimes more, depending on vic!) of requests. tune in on a saturday at 9pm and find out for yourselves!

so there you are. i will get back to it this week, and hopefully have something intersting to say.



  1. Finally a post that lowers down the skanky Simon Cowell! Got sick of looking at that hideous picture. I tried to tune in, but the hubby was home and I didn’t want to eat into time with him.

  2. least yer broadcastin’!! total fuck up last night. ‘transmission lost’ whatever that means. think it’s me new router. never mind. watched CSI instead n it was one I hadn’t seen. On dayshift Saturday so I can tune in to you at last.

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