and heres another tale of woes in times gone by!
so there i was riding along minding my own business, doing a steady 55-60mph, and theres this almighty popping sound, a bit like a large balloon bursting.
followed swiftly by the scooter’s back end swerving maniacally all over the chuffing road!
yup, a rear wheel blow out. and with no spare! what to do? can’t ring the parental unit, the wifey has the boy at home, which left one choice. stag!
i dials his number.
“er, hi. i need to ask a big favour, do you have a spare wheel?”
“dunno” let me put some clothes on and look…..”
rustle, rustle.

long story short, the star of our tale finds a spare wheel, takes it to the garage and inflates it, then brings it out to me. thus saving me a long walk, and getting me to where i was headed!
another good samaritan. and cappy saved again by the goodwill of others.
aint life grand


4 responses to “SOMEBODY OUT THERE LIKES ME! part two

  1. That’s lovely…and what a surprise you also have a Stag in your life!

    Um, didn’t you have some calamity a few months ago too…on the way to an event? Yikes brother we worry about you!

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