my sister is getting married! yay! well no, not really. this is her third. i couldn’t care less. does that make me a bad person? suppose i should explain. she is getting married abroad as the last two times she didn’t have a honeymoon. which is fair enough, only now they have decided that they are doing it on a cruise in the caribean. and they have invited my parents! the thing that has got my back up, is would they have gone there if was me and the wife? probably not.
me and vic got together, went out for a while, got engaged, bought a house, got married, vic moved into the house, three years later we had the boy, and here we are ten years on, (later this year) still in love with each other. ok, we have our moments, who doesn’t, but at the end of the day, we have done things “in the right order”. my sister didn’t. hardly worked in 17 years. me? 19 years at the same place. been engaged that many times, she could set up her own branch of elizabeth dukes! me? once. and her… two weddings…..,to cunts!
is it really too much to ask of my parental unit to actually recognise this? starting to think so! yes they love me, vic and the boy, but once, and only once i would like to hear them both say “you know what? we’re proud of you. good marriage, decent jobs both of you, and a son to be proud of” thats all i ask. doubt it will ever come.
as for them going on the cruise, great. no really. they go to scotland four times a year, by bus, to the same hotels, and do the same tours. they got their first passports, what? last year? and where did they go? yup. jersey! for fucks sake. i know, i know, it’s their lives, let them do what they want, but christ!
so at 69 and 62 it’s nice to think they are going to do something so out of character, but a little too late. and i know my mum won’t be able to hack the heat.
i love my sister, and wish her every happiness, and it actually looks like she has finally found THE mr right and not her mr right for now! i don’t often pray, but this time i am doing, that it all works out!
i love the parents too, but as per, the allegance has shifted back into her being the flavour of the month, and us hardly figuring. thats life i suppose!
being petty? probably.

in other news, i had my pre operation assessment yesterday, which went fine, and that means i am going into hospital at 7:30am on the 17th for another op!

this is good. with any luck, it will mean easier mobility, and a chance to excercise more! oh and i found out at the assessment that i have lost over a stone in weight too! so there we go. i may be silent from next friday, but as soon as i can, i will be back to let you all know how everything went, and of course, being off work convalessing, i will have loads of free time to give you regular updates on my progress.

unfortunately, this also means that this weekend will be my last saturday show for at least a fortnight. if you guys can pop round and have a listen, you’ll all be more than welcome.

thats all for now.


yes i know that my operation is on st patricks day, but what can i do? i’ll make up for it on st georges day!

well, i am english after all!


6 responses to “SO IT GOES I SUPPOSE.

  1. Good news about your op, Cappy.

    I know what you mean about the parents. I think a lot of us go through that sort of thing. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, they say…

  2. Good news on the op – hope all is well for that.

    Minor point- you don’t need a passport to go to Jersey but never mind, we almost convinced my mother-in-law you needed Euros on the Isle of Wight as the buses had big signs saying Euros accepted on them when we went one year.

    Your parents are proud of you – that generation just never really say things like that. After I sorted myself out three years back my Mum fell ill with Lymphoma, I told her I loved her on the phone one day as I realised my oportunity to do so was reducing daily. She was so shocked she told the rest of the family! I didn’t care – I did (still do) love her even though she’s passed on now.

    My brother never invited me to his wedding. Had a massive resentment about that – last year during his breakup from that relationship I asked why. “She didn’t want kids at the wedding being noisey” (Stupid cow!) “So couldn’t invite me sister as she had her two and so therfore not you either even though you didn’t have kids then”. Wish I’d asked him years ago it didn’t matter once he’d explained, I thought he didn’t love me. Doh!

  3. Cappy!! I don’t want you gone for very long now… I’ll do my ‘durndest’ to make your show… This Saturday? :) Cool… I really hope the operation goes well and you get back on your feet (literally) back top notch asap!!

    Sorry bout the business with your Mum/Dad Sisters, sometimes people can be so oblivious that they have been selfish or insensitive and don’t even know that they’ve made their very own loved ones feel that way… We all love and appreciate you!!!

  4. Oh you big whiny cow!..
    Dont you know that the loser kids always need a bit more attention/love ?
    You have a great life..

    I’m your sister in my family’s world.
    I’ve always done things the wrong way..
    And my mommy feels she did something wrong, and therefore she heaps on more attention /love trying to fix …something ..

    Its deep and slightly twisted.
    But just get over it.

    your parents adore you..they can count on you

    you’re the good boy..

  5. 19 years at the same place of work OMG you deserve a blue peter badge how have you managed that!
    well done you on the weight loss.
    gald you having the operation finally.
    sorry your parents dont tell you they are proud of you, but beleive me they are proud of you, yeah i know it would be nice to hear them say it.
    i tell my son i love him and that i am proud of him, he also tells me he loves me, just make sure you tell your boy as i am sure you do

  6. best luck on ur foot op cappy… tha solution is 2 b tha only child ….that sux even worse bcos u r tha best/worst/biggest disapointment/proud of u 2 much attentions is notta good thing alwasy
    st paddys day , eh, mabe i will drink til i puke in ur honour

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