in 48 hours i may well be laying in one of these, oblivious to what is happening around my right ankle! so this may be the last post i do before i go in. i am considering teaching the wifey to blog, so she can keep you lot updated on what progress is being made, but they said at my assessment that they think i may be “released” on monday. apparently because of all the so called superbugs, they would rather people go home as they stand less chance of catching it! (less chance of suing the hospital tust for damages?) so i will see you on the other side.

ooh, before i leave you today, a couple of things….some funnies to be put onto THE CAFE BLEU and i am doing a five hour radio extraviganza on friday morning 9am – 2pm (well thats the plan at least)
up to you if you join me (work and everything permitting)



8 responses to “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.

  1. We’re leaving together … and still we stand tall….

    :-) Sorry couldn’t resist given standing is the last thing you’ll be doing…

    Good luck hope it all goes well.

  2. Good luck old bean.

    Just a thought. Insist on staying in, catch ‘superbug’, sue the hospital, retire on proceeds.

  3. Good luck, mate. And don’t worry about MRSA: it’s probably scared shitless of you and is keeping a low profile.

  4. At the risk of soundin’ melodramatic, Caz has got the Vicar to add you to her prayer list for tomorrow. You’ve been added as ‘Carol’s husbands friend The Capuccinno Kid’. (I might even go along to check the congregations reaction to that one!)

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