(or if wifey had been allowed to post, it would have been called FOOTLOOSE)


so i’m out and home!

this is how i looked up to 10am on monday! the mummy returns!

the view from my bed wasn’t too bad

and the hospital has invested in some new toys for us! they have web access, but only to specific sites, so i couldn’t log onto any of your sites!

and god knows i tried! i crashed mine at one point and had to ring the helpline! (and yes it was in delhi!)

so i spent most of the time watching david attenborough teaching me about insects! and i did get to watch the ipcress file too!

but most of the time i was pretty bored!

and now for the medical report and nasty pics!




it turns out that the infection i was still carrying when i went in on saturday stopped the docs from re-setting the position of my ankle. and in every likely hood it was the metal that was keeping the infection there, it was last time. i will find out if that is so when i see them in clinic in three weeks time. i knew this would be a possibility when i went in, but it has to be said i am pissed off about it as it no doubt means another visit to ward 34!

they have removed the metalwork though, and these next pics are the results of that. as i said before, not pretty, but here if you want a nosey.

this is where they took the top two retaining bolts out,

this is where they took the bottom two retaining bolts out, one of which was loose and virtually fell out when they got to it, not good!

and this is where they extracted the 8 inch nail from, on the bottom of my heel. and yes, it is as painful as it looks!

so there you go. all i have now is a three week wait to see what the next step is. i have to try to full weight bear on it, but with those staples digging into the bottom of my heel, it aint too easy!

i’ll let you know how it goes!




9 responses to “RETURN OF THE CAP

  1. Oh, man, that looks proper nasty. Eeewww. I was glad to get an email from 4D saying you’d survived. Hosptals terrify me. I know an increasing number of people who go in and never come out again…

    Good luck with the hobbling about. I assume you’re off work for a while, surely? Plenty of blogging time then?

  2. I’m wincing just looking at it. Nasty. Look after yourself and thank 4D for the update email he circulated.

  3. shit that looks very painful, can only imagine the pain you going through, glad you home though, hope the recovery goes well

  4. Cap,
    go back to my blog to read what the pictures are about. Blogger wouldn’t let me post pictures and text at the same time, so I had to go back to add the text.
    Will be back to read this post later.
    Hope you are okay.

  5. Hats off to ya Cappy!! Those are some sexy staples! You’re one tough guy and you’ll be back on your feet (literally) in no time! :)

    Missed you!!!

  6. ps that stuff do not look so bad mabe hard 2 walk on tho but not gorey r nuffin :o) u shoulda cn wen i sliced open my arms hay it looks jsut liek chicken fat in there!

  7. you big pussy!

    I had a complete hysterectomy in 2000 and my doctor took photos of the whole thing!..I should send them to you..let you see real pain!

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