i really do spoil you lot…. have a butchers at THIS


3 responses to “HERE’S A FUNNY FOR YOU!

  1. bloody hell i thought you sexiest git! but then, laugh ha it was better than the kick up the arse you gave me, you must have used your bad foot for that one!

  2. They’re quite fun for a couple of minutes, but I can’t help wondering why Lottery money is going towards making films like that second one. (It mentions getting Lottery funding in the end credits.) For one thing, a film of this length and simplicity shouldn’t need funding; for another, would that money be better going somewhere more worthwhile? Or am i just a cranky bastard?

  3. * (asterisk): i am in total agreement with you, just think of the ivory and gold plated curtian winders that could have been bought for the national opera hose instead! oh and yes, you are still a cranky old bastard, but thats what we all love about you!

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