wifey does my hair. she has for years now. lets face it, when all you do is shave it, whats the point in paying some dim blond a fiver to do it, when i can just as well sit in the kitchen and have it done? and more regularly too?
if i say i have it done on average every four weeks (some times weekly, sometimes longer), and that wifey has been doing it for what? around ten 9 years, that means i have saved roughly ooh, aboout £585.
and after laying out an initial £20 notes on these

that would be £565. none of which i have actually seen mind! but here in lays a problem. we were half way through the process on friday, when POOF! THEY STOP! no worries, we have the spare pair that we got after spending £5 on petrol at the local garage. get em out, plug em in, and AAAARGH!! instead of shaving the hairs, they rip them! “stop, stop, stop”.”what now?” asks wifey. her voice almost showing concern over the laughter induced by me sitting there with half a shaved head. “only one thing to do. get the bic!” so we did. after years of trying to persuade her to do it, she has no choice. (can’t believe that she never thought to run me to mad jeffs to have it finished!)

can you detect the feeling of terror i have at letting wifey loose on my gulliver with a bare blade?

but to be fair, she did a good job,

to the extent that she herself said it wasn’t as bad as she expected!

and she has offered to do it again! (can’t believe how fast it actually grows!)

so here i am all baldy! the one downside is that i had to shave my sideys off, and they were like my lads, i have had them for over 20 years. big decision now, do i let it grow back in, or do i go for it and just razor it in future? what do you lot reckon?


4 responses to “WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME?

  1. You should have kept the sideys. I quite like that look: no hair but sideys.

    Looks clean, man. Good job the missus did.

    That’s how I get my hair cut, too. Saves a bundle of cash that can be better put to tattooing!

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