a sad day in the life of my beloved leeds yesterday. after a draw against ipswich, we were relegated to our lowest league position in the clubs history.

i freely admit, there were tears. (at nearly 37!!)
if only it had been these guys that were on the pitch.
the 1973/74 team from when i started to follow em

better news at my even more beloved oakwell though. despite a 1 -0 loss we assured our position as a championship club for a second season.

again though, it has to be asked how many of the players wear this badge with pride?

on a day that the world of football paid it’s tribute to allen ball, it is a sad affair that the present day players don’t seem to have the passion and commitment that the older guys had.

leeds united and the championship trophy 1973

someone once said, “football. it’s a funny old game!”

they weren’t wrong!


5 responses to “A TALE OF TWO CLUBS

  1. Now that Leeds side was something special.

    About this time I flirted with being a Chelsea fan – I remember the Daily Mirror team photo like your Leeds one. But then I had to revert to type and support Gillingham. Well I’m a bred local you have to don’t you.

    I look forward to seeing Leeds at Preistfield again – last time they were there we were all shouting at Robbie Fowler to leave Leeds (where it was said he was nolonger happy) and join us. Look on the bright side – you’ll meet us in the playoff final, you’ll be 2-0 down well into extra time and still end up going up on penalties and then continue back to the premier league after buying our best striker. Oh didn’t that already happen to a blue Manchester team…. :-)

  2. Loved watching Leeds in the early 70’s on Match of the Day. Got taken to a few home games by a mad uncle in his Jag. ‘Sniffer’ Clarke was my favourite player in those days.

    I think a rich Russian is needed.

    Mind you Oldham have to win next Saturday to make the play-offs and we don’t have much joy in play-offs as a rule. If we don’t go up I might join you up there when Oldham play ’em (remind me to keep shtum if Oldham score though!!)

  3. I don’t think any footballers have the same passion anymore.
    Cheers for the message Cappy. I know I said a ‘short’ break but the book is taking longer than anticipated. I’m halfway through (25,000 words. I reckon another couple of months yet.

  4. I use the word “support” in its loosest sense, but I used to support LUFC back in the mid-70s. Couldn’t tell you anything about them, then or now; I think I got into them just because my cousin was.

  5. You know you’re getting old when you start saying things like “footballers are only in it for the money these days…”. I remember my old fella saying the same thing when Keegan left my Liverpool for his spell at Hamburg.Still, there hasn’t really been a partnership like Toshack & Hughes since….

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