soo the ordinary boys cancelled. free evening. whats a man to do? i tell you what, go out for something to eat with his mrs!
so we find ourselves at the Maranto Restaurant. a little italian joined onto the back of a pub. a pub owned by mario, a genuine italian. the pub itself is pretty unasuming, good service, freindly staff, and mario himself behind the bar..”you have a seat sir, i’ll fetch you your guinness when it’s ready”
as for the meal, what can i say?
both myself and wifey had the “italian sausage on a spicy salsa, with pesto” to start, then wifey had a tuna steak, and i had…..veal layered with sage and parma ham.
yes, for the first time in my life i had veal, and bloody nice it was too.
i know some of you may start the old “it’s cruel” argument, but i think you have to try some things at least once in your life. and although i know how it is produced, it didn’t put me off, and i may well have it again.
the bill came to around £45 including drinks.
a top night out.
still, a shame about the o.b’s. “technical difficulties” apparently. hmmm.


8 responses to “WHATS A MAN TO DO?

  1. she a lucky wifey my old man would break his heart paying that much for a meal for 2, and he not a true yorkshire man!!! Carvery at crosspool, then its before 5pm so its cheaper lol!

  2. I never wanted to try veal because of what it is, it is very cruel, but my dad tricked me into eating it before xmas then told me what it was, I nearly threw up.

  3. I saw whatsisname, ramsey, on TV the other day telling everyone that the “new” “Euroveal” isn’t done the cruel way any more – no more dark rooms and crates for these calfs.Milk-fed and kept indoors was about it, and then for only something like 3 months before they were off to the abbatoir(sp?). Convince yourself you got one of these, you’ll be fine.
    Them Ordinary Boys any good, then? no-one’s heard of them over here.

  4. 4D; you may not be too far off the mark!

    H.I: she doesn’t know how lucky she is!!

    jo: trust me, this was divine, more please!

    RON: they are a good band, but their music has been overshadowed by the whole big brother thing. pity.

  5. they sent a complete nobody into the celebrity bb house, and preston fell head over heels in love with her, she reciprocated, and they are now married.
    and they genuinely do love each other. she’d not even heard of the band before, so there was no pre-concieved agenda.

    quite nice really. she aint all bad.

  6. Sounds like a lovely evening. A couple does well to have these evenings now and then, sure expensive…but wonderful to have a cnversation without the kids, without jumping up to get more…so nice to have someone bring your drinks so that you can sit and visit and be civilized. I love hearing your nice nights out Cappy.

    Yesterday, this is a long weekend in America…so it was warm and lovely and all in all we walked a ridiculous five hours…but we found an Irish pub and sat out on a patio and had snacks and me, vodka tonics, him some wine. Very nice. Boiling hot sunny day…great to be outside and served.

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