i’m fascinated by the whole hooligan culture, i suppose it comes from having to constantly defend the skinhead breed from ignorant daily mail types who think we are nothing short of boot boy thugs.

so, you see, when i buy a book about “terrace legends” the last thing i expect to see is someone i know.
now don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice bloke, and i know he’s “a bit handy”, i also know that he has to hand in his passport everytime england play away because in his words he’s “been a bit naughty in his youth”. but i never knew he was so high up in the ranks, and so well “respected” by the hooligan fraternity!
“inside was at West Brom in the early ’90s. about 25 of us had gone down on the train and we sat in their seats. their lads were sat to the right of us and at half-time one of their lads came over mouthing at us. i jumped up and smaked him. he rolled over two rows of seats and as this happened, both sets of lads jumped up and were at it about equal numbers. it spilled around the back near the refreshment bar, and at one point a large tea urn was thrown, hitting me in the head and scalding my chest. West Brom were getting the upper hand but the police moved in and we were ejected via the police cells”
i always assumed the reason to go to footy matches was to watch footy. not batter people and end up in a cell, miles from home. respect? for this? not from me my freind. and why be suprised at being arrested if you are in the opposition end? i really don’t understand. must be the adrenelin rush!
and now?
“i’m currently banned from all grounds and barnsley town centre between eleven and nine on match days. i currently have to hand in my passport when england play away. that’s not a bad method of preventing violence, is it?
er, no, not really.
i wonder if i dare get him to sign my book?

which reminds me of an old post… FROM A WHILE BACK! (not the same guy)

it has to be pointed out that i don’t condone violence at football matches in any way, and have never been involved with a firm, and the only time i have had to throw a punch of any sort at ANYTHING to do with football was once in self defence. i’m a good lad me.


6 responses to “OK, YOU ASKED FOR IT…

  1. I knew a buch of lads who were part of Leicester’s “Baby squad” back when I was living there – nicest bunch of lads you could hope to meet unless you happen to be a follower of whoever Leicester were playing that weekend.
    A funny thing happened to me on the way to the pub one day. I was walking up Granby Street in Leics. with my daughter, then a tender 5 yr. old. As I reached the pub, the football boys kicked off and a huge brawl ensued from the top of Granby Street up to the railway station. I stopped as a bloke came hurtling towards me, fist drawn back ready to punch me! I put up my hands and said something like “not me”. He actually apologised before tearing off to find a willing combatant!!
    Sometimes I miss England.

  2. Well, officially I am against violence in sports.

    Unofficially, in hockey, when a fight happens it’s because someone has broken a code of honor or played lower than a moral imperative and just fucking cheated on somebody else.

    I realize footballers tend to get a lot more worked up than hockey players or fans…interesting looking book. If you like the same team as the guy you are talking about…then go for getting an autograph. Other wise, I might just not bother. Great fun post!

  3. I read the Football Factory and all the rest when they first came out – realy enjoyed the football part of them, coundn’t really grasp the relevance of the old man/WWII part of the story. I especially liked England Away.
    Haven’t seen the film yet, I don’t know if it’s out in the US. I’ll get searching.
    Green street woud have been a whole lot better if they hadn’t cast a Geordie in the role of the ICF’s top dog. His accent was horrible……

  4. I’m an Oldham Athletic fan. Violence?
    Nah not in Oldham ….honest

    Got a bit heavy in the early 70’s at away games. We’d wind up the opposition “Come n ‘ave a go if yer think yer ‘ard enough” n stuff. Sometimes they did. Got thunped a few times but always got off lightly. Still feel bad about kicking a lad in the head in ’73 but he’d took a swipe at me n missed n fell over.

    A couple of mates got well involved at Utd but I thought better of it after a couple of seasons.

    Know a couple of lads from Chelsea’s current firm. Sound if you know ’em psycho if you don’t.

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