ok, so i’ve been quiet for a while, there are reasons…
firstly sorting out the mortgage stuff so we can crack on with all the home improvements,
secondly trying to sort next week out, as the wife is away at an exhibition.
same week every year, down to sunny torbay. nice eh?
well no, not for her, as it means missing the boys birthday every year.
but it’s part of her job, and something she was doing before the boy arrived, and something she can’t get out of. unless i throw myself off the scooter again!
thirdly playing with wifeys new car!! part of her new and improved pay terms!
see, the job does have perks.
fourthly sorting out the new scooter…this weekend, fingers crossed!
(wifeys away, i have new scoot, and the week off!!)
and finally……trying to rid the house of these little fuckers!

oh yes, after 12 years, the cat has decided to become home to an infestation of fleas! the house has been bug bommed, sprayed powdered etc, as has the cat, and still they persist.

and although i have insisted time and again to the wifey that it is in no way an indication of bad housekeeping, or cleanliness, it is still upsetting the hell out of her. more so in the beginning as the cat has (had) a tendencey to sleep on the boys bed during the day. consequently he has been covered in bites. poor little bugger. but to his credit, he’s got on with life and not made a muff about it.

anyway, thats all. thought i’d let you know that i haven’t abandoned my post (bad pun)

the wifey’ll probably evicerate me for telling you all about the bug thing, but hell. it’s life. see you soon. and yes before you ask, there will be pics of the scooter as soon as it gets sorted!


oh yes, i knew why i started to post…i was going to tell you, i have been sorting out stuff for future podcasts, and thought i’d do a “cover versions” one.

i was sat here thinking i may manage an hour or so, and beg you lot for suggestions to pad it out. but guess what? i started to scroll through the tracks here on my pc, adding them to my playlist editor, and before i knew it i got to the end. the hour and a half show? not a bloody chance!

now six hours i can do for you!!!! so thats the next five weeks sorted.

(next weeks four dinners top twenty)

but don’t let that put you off suggesting cover versions, or sending me your all time top twenty (or ten if you’re struggling).


thats all folks.



3 responses to “AAAARGH! NIGHTMARE!

  1. I got a box thingy. It’s great. I can talk to myself without speaking. Now nobody’ll realise I’m not all there….

  2. so tell all what is the new car?
    whats the lad having for his birthday? i bet he gets to have two birthday celebrations cause mam will have to spoil him for missing it eh. and can i get a ride on the new scoot

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