a grand day out. we were supposed to go friday, but i cancelled and decided to just go for the day.
if anyone saw the news and the weather round here on friday, i’m sure you’ll understand!
big slaps on the backs to those that did go friday, and judging by their tales of woe, i made the right decision.
although they seemed to enjoy the night after they arrived!
i met up with jinx on the pier, but unfortunately we missed our photo oportunity.
another time maybe eh?
all in all, a good day. heres a few pics, and once again, apologies for the quality. i really must remember to take the camera next time and stop relying on the phone! ride safe people. ttfn.


5 responses to “A GRAND DAY OUT!

  1. On this subject, I’m heading off to my friend’s house tonight to watch Quadrophenia in his private cinema.

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