has it really been a year?
12 months?
52 weeks?
365 days?
all that time since fat fiz died?
cheese and rice!
for those of you that haven’t a clue about what i’m talking about, i had another blog before this one. and i made an error of judgement. one that nearly cost me my job. and i aint exagerating either! not going to say owt more about it, other than my 12 months are up. this of course doesn’t mean that fat fiz will be ressurected or that i am about to start posting about my job again!
that was far too close a call, and even though my diciplinary has run it’s course, it could be brought back into play should i do anything of that sort again.
and i made a promise to them, but more importantly to the wifey!
normal services shall be resumed .

9 responses to “RUDE BOY’S OUTA JAIL!

  1. Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech, that’s what I want to know? I used to read your posts regularly and had no idea where the hell you worked, other than the it was the big T.
    Is it right they’re building low-cost housing for their employees now? Are things in the housing market that bad in the uK?

  2. Your disciplinary can’t be brought up again – ever. Once the term is up it has to be removed from your file. That’s the law is that.

    Soz about the delay with your top 20. It’s ready but I’m a bit short on time. Gimme a couple of days old bean.

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