all those not living in barnsley and complaining about “this weeks weather”

welcome to what barnsley has been like for TWO WEEKS NOW.
there are people round here that haven’t been able to return to their homes from the first flood, that have now had it flooded again.
unfortunately however, not being a city like leeds, sheffield or nottingham, the BBC, Sky and all the other news agencies didn’t shoot up here, nor did we have the luxury of the R.A.F. airlifting people to safety.
when the government finally gets of it’s collective arses and stops congratulating mr brown, and waving mr blair off, they may get around to sending the “financial aid sheffield so desperately needs”. do you think that barnsley will get any?
especially when you consider that some of the worst affected areas around here weren’t council homes.
a good freind works as a social worker, quite a high ranking one at that, and they and all their colleagues are disgusted with the way people are getting treated. the figure of £800,000 has been bandied around. so thats what? £1000 to 800 house owners? how many have been damaged? how far is that £8000,000 going to stretch? the imigrant and asylum seekers are being rehoused straight away, yet the people who actually work for a living, and own their own houses are being left to fend for themselves.
this too, according to the sheffeild star, is happening in your area.
i have to point out that i do feel sympathy for the people of sheffield, leeds, nottingham and anywhere that has flooded, but please remember the little people too.
just cos we didn’t make it onto the news, doesn’t mean we aint had it bad.
buy this weeks barnsley chronicle, or look on dearne fm’s web site, you’ll see!


and relax.

dearne fm photos


5 responses to “AN OPEN LETTER TO…..

  1. a swimming pool in the garden. and the shed. and the lounge. and the kitchen.

    take in a one legged somalian lesbian as a lodger n yer’ll be sorted in no time….

  2. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff on the news last night – people with houses still 3 ft deep in water and fireman from Wales helping out. Do we live in the 3rd world or the 4th richest economy on the planet..? Hey new PM we pay a shit load in taxed we demand better mate.

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