this came today.
“Hi Simon,
could you let dads friends know? hes asking about them and wants to know theyre all ok. daddys ok. sleeping a lot. mum says he likes the drugs – thats my dad. he woke up twice last night and said “vodka” then went back to sleep. mum says she knows he will be ok as the second time he woke up he said “fancy a quicky?” winked at her and fell asleep again – thats definitely my dad!! the doctor has been up front. daddy shouldnt be here but he is. after mum gave the doctor dads history he said “thats not possible. he;d be dead” “Not until he runs out of vodka” said mum, not until he stops doing what he does mum thinks. there have been texts and mails from everywhere. we had to restrict visitors as 14 turned up @ the same time – with drinks as well!!! hes going to be fine because he says so and hes never wrong. not about anything. ever.
love Jacqui x”
so there you go.
i’ll keep you all up to date.

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