yes folks, two days to name him/her!
cos thats when i get it! (don’t know the sex yet)

something simple, preferably short, with vowels sounds either side of a hard consonant. makes for a better chance of it talking. and please remember it has to be something that a seven year old can say without fear of getting a clip round the ear!
thinking caps on! eternal godlike status of the winner ensured!
the name doesn’t have to strictly follow the guidelines. be inventive, but clean.
and yes, i’ve already thought of one. scooter. what you think?

11 responses to “YOU HAVE ONLY TWO DAYS….

  1. Since they might sometimes mimic what you say, how about Echo. Vowels each side of a hard consonant, and short, too. Perfect in so many ways.

  2. “JACKIE” is always a great name–hehe j/k

    I was thinking “Jade” or “J.J.” I could hear it saying that pretty easily…


  3. fuck i missed out ..Cynnie is always a lovely name ..

    or how about Pipo? ( Pee-poh)
    I had an african grey named that was easy to say

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