been out and about with the rest of the barnsley pals.
we’ve recently raised over £1000 for a young girl who has cancer, and given another substantial sum to the royal british legion who are using it to have a display cabinet made for a ex servicemens holiday home in bridlington!
we have other things up our sleeves too, and are in the process of organising a trip to the french war graves over the d-day weekend next year.

2 responses to “SCOOTERS!

  1. you should get a warm glow doin’ stuff like that. If you lot didn’t care it’d never happen. Bloggers’ll be proud of yer.

  2. the thing is this though…
    the money raised is for hayleigh to donate to help kids younger than herself who are patients up at weston park hospital in sheffield.
    the courage she has to face the problems that she has to deal with on a daily basis due to her cancer is something to behold in one so young, but to be actively trying to help and think of others who are even younger….well i personally think it needs recognition!

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