every so often a tv show comes along that i can’t escape from.
it happened with 24 until sky got it and i couldn’t watch it!
but now i have!! and i can watch the following!
ok, so heroes is on bbc2, but with the wonder that is sky+ i no longer have the moment where i get to work and realise i haven’t set the video! god bless series link! never miss an episode now!

and the same goes for weeds. first it was simply the sight of mary louise parker, but then i got hooked!

and then zoe deschenal appeared too! heaven!
funny to boot! watch it if it comes to terrestrial.
season two ended this sunday with an absolute corker of a cliff hanger!
and i have found a site that i can watch season three on! but don’t know if i should, or whether to wait till it’s on sky!

lastly, something i came by on sky anytime.(did i mention how much i love sky+?)roman polanski’s version of oliver twist!

starring ben kingsley as fagin
and proving that andy serkis isn’t just a one trick pony by casting him as bill sykes.
very good it is too.i highly recommend it.



  1. well enjoyed the andy serkis bill sykes ‘n all.

    I want to be a snake.

    Actually I want to be a specific snake.

    That snake.


  2. pup, it is by far the coolest show on tv!
    and i have started watching the new season via the interweb!!
    dinners, in the words of the song….”hands off she’s mine”
    a.j. you just dare tell me what happens and i’ll be over there spanking your butt in a flash!

  3. Loved Heroes when it was on SciFi channel. Not seen Weeds, only a few mins here and there, but looks okay. Might give it a go if/when it goes to terrestrial.

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