so, wifey comes home one day and says “we’ve gone halfs on a tent with my mum” ok, er….right. “and we are going away at the weekend when you are off”
now i have been all way through cubs, scouts and venture scouts. my parental unit were cub leaders and i’ve been away with them, and i worked as a volunteer at a local scout camp for a few years, but i have never EVER been camping without putting the tent up first. 1, to check that all the parts are there, 2, to see exactly how it goes up, and this i tell wifey.
“the guy in the shop says it can be done by two people, and it goes up easily”
thats what they said about the new wembley!
but it turns out it can be and does!
so we went camping. loved it. and the suprising thing? wifey did too!
which made me ask the question.
what are we going to do if both your mum and us want to use the tent at the same time? who gets priority?
this hadn’t been thought of. one solution. get our own.
so we did. the tent was priced at £420.
reduced in the sale to £330
then reduced due to “flood damage” to just over £200
can’t grumble with that. especially when they get a “flood damaged” tent from a shelve in the warehouse, and the box looks the same as the day the tent was packed in it! who are we to argue? so we had a tent. wifeys mum went out and bought all new implements, like lights and such to offset what we had paid, and which means we ended up with two of everything now! most of which has the outwell name stamped on it somewhere! we should have shares!
we’ve also found a very good, reasonably priced, family orientated camp site just outside scarborough. which now means that any weekend, within two hours we can be “on holiday”
so thats that!

2 responses to “OK, THE TENT!

  1. I once slept in a tent. I can’t remember why or how I ended up in it. I woke up with my head outside and a snail crawling over my nose.


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