the man, nay legend, know as four dinners has left his mark ont tarn!

i’m not going to say much, i’ll leave that to the drunk punk himself.

but i reckon it’ll be one hell of a read!!!

he headed back this morning, so i’m not sure when he’ll post. but we had a cracker of a couple of days together, and i would like to thank him!

what’s more, he came bearing anniversary gifts! a horn for my scooter, a dvd copy of kes, which i hadn’t got, and best of all a picture of madness, signed by the almighty suggs!!

cheers dinners, totally unexpected.
i now owe you!


7 responses to “HERE COMES THE WEEKEND

  1. anon : me????? pleasant????? gentleman?????

    shit. There goes me street cred….

    Great weekend Cappy old bean. Good’s I’ve had in a while.

    I’ll be back…….

  2. Dinners is top notch, and so are you Cappy!! Very glad to have you as blog friends… Cheers!!! :)

    Glad you had a great time. Wish I could’ve been there.

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