pretty green has gone. a mate came by today and gave me some money. then took her away. she will be missed. greatly.
to a better place. so i am now a 1 scooter family again! for now at least.

cos wifey says i can have another next year! watch this space, i have plans.

they include the engine out of the scooter i was on when i mangled my ankle, and some really old frame.

sniff. bye bye baby. still have this one though!

and plans for her too! (bit of spray work[don’t tell the wife that though])


3 responses to “BYE BYE BABY, BABY GOODBYE!

  1. Love the one you’ve got now. Gotta move on mate.

    (Jax got well upset when she was about 5 and I got rid of my vintage merc)

  2. I know how you feel. It broke my heart to let my Ducati 900 Monster go, but I couldn’t afford the insurance on her and the 749. It hurt even more to know the twat who bought her crashed her soon afterwards.

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