skinhead/suedehead/skinhead escapes
(the first three in one volume)
by richard allen.
also trying to finish;
the time travellers wife
by audrey niffenbegger.
basically a tale of one mans relationship with a girl/woman through time. and to tell you more than that would totally ruin a damn good read. one that you definately can’t put down once you start! i strongly advise you to go out this week and buy it. i promise you’ll thank me.


  1. ‘Time Travellers Wife’ definitely peeks me curiosity.

    Joe Hawkins eh? Hero’d him for quite a while in me misspent youth…

  2. “Time Travelers Wife” is fucking awsome!! I’ve read it twice.

    Niffenegger also did a story about three sisters. She wrote and illustrated it with woodcut pictures. I have used one of the pictures in one of my posts from last year. I am thinking of having it tattooed on my body. I’ll email the picture to you.

  3. Got the Richard Allen, both in that edition and in a 3-in-1 bindup. Awesome.

    Time-Travellers Wife suffers a bit with the device it sets up. IknowIknow not making sense, but you’ll see.

    Fucken time travel weirdass love stories…they seem to be keeping Sandra Bullock in work anyway…

  4. Back in the day i can remember folks looking for joe hawkins..oh and nipping up to “Smallys” for a trilby.. I loved my younger days,Mind you i am well chuffed at being 50 this yer unall!

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