no new shows for a week, so i’ve uploaded my first three ever podcasts..

not sure whats on em, so i’ll have to have a listen myself.

all in theres over a dozen to listen to. just click on the box on your left then click again on the show you wish to listen to. or you can go to the actual site and download it.

as i said as well, if you feel like embedding the thing onto your site, so that it updates automatically every time i publish, mail me and i’ll send you the code.

happy listening.

P.S. i’m preparing my xmas shows, both for the radio and the podcast. got one xmas eve morning, and maybe a special live one xmas eve night, not sure about boxing day yet, and i would like your suggestions of songs to play. if you have any, please mail them to including the song name, artist, and where possible the album title too. and a dedication if you wish one to be read.

more details to follow, as soon as i know.

ttfn, cappy



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