this is alistair darling.
this his his story!
the records of 25 million, thats 25 MILLION child benefit claiments have been lost. how? because they were sent on two computer discs by unregistered post! but hey, he’s apologised unreservedly. so everythings ok.
what the fuck were they thinking when they sent it by mail in the first place? registered or not? surely by a secutiry van at the very least, not DHL!!!
according to sky news this morning; “25 million peoples details are missing, including polititions and top businessmens”
wow! so they are far more important than me and the mrs?
speaking as someone who has suffered credit card cloning in the last 12 months, and been part of the thousands that lost money in the farepack fiasco last chriatmas i take offence at that last comment.
“the head of department immediately handed in his resignation!”
should hope he fucking well did. the one thing you know though, is that there will be a fat paypacket still coming his way!
you know what really put the icing on the cake for me though?
oh yes folks. not yesterday. not the weekend. “some weeks”
but now they decide to tell us.
“we can’t be sure that they have fallen into the hands of someone untrustworthy”
how much do you think these things will be worth to someone with the knowledge to use them?
to clone cards?
to open false banking accounts?
to buy things?
to apply for all sorts of credit?
where will you be then mr darling?
still smiling as joe public drowns in a sea of debt! thats where.
see what the bbc website has to say on the matter.

4 responses to “MOVE OVER DARLING!

  1. i was shocked when i heard about this yesterday, just how safe are we in anything these days if this is how they do business!

  2. I despise this man. He has what my brother used to describe as a “punch-me face”. He is an utter cunt, and that was before all of this. Just look at him. Don’t you just want to hammer his face into the ground? Wanker!

    And deeeeep breaths….

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