to all my american “buddies”
okay, i’ll admit my ignorance, and say i don’t know what it’s all about, but i DO know you get to stuff yourselves silly just a month before you get to do the same for christmas, so it can’t be all that bad!
have a grand day, as we say round these parts!


8 responses to “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  1. It’s kind of an interesting story that came about, but I’ll be darned if I can remember all the details, even though I played Sarah Hale in a production put on by my 5th grade class. Ms. Hale was the lady who advocated for this holiday way back in Abraham Lincoln’s day.

    I am baking a turkey, like I always do (though I won’t eat him), and gathering with my family to give thanks that the dinner is not at my house this year.

  2. Cheers Cappy. The thing is, the shermans don’t just stuff themselves 1 month before christmas, they do it for the entire month, it’s the “Holiday Season” tradition. I was walking the dog last night and our neighbours have decorated their houses beyond belief.
    I leave for the West Bank tomorrow for a surgery mission, I’ll get some pics of the crazy Xmas decorations and post ’em when I get back.

  3. Sherman Tanks?

    Who the hell is Sarah Hale?

    Can we have an extra holiday in her honour?

    Let’s start a campaign to get another day off for Thanksgiving eh?

    Our’s will be a Thanksgiving for another day off holiday.

    Sounds good t’me

  4. cappy the indians felt sory 4 tha pilgrams that was mistake #1 so wen thay was starving the indians made a big dinner 4 m mistake #2. then tha pilgrams stole there land kiled almost all tha buffalos and made there kids talk in english nad go 2 school so thay can b 2nd class citizens.
    so now we eat 2 celebrate it

  5. Yaayy!!! Thanks Cappy!! :)) Ours went fine… dinner at my Mom’s, not all my family made it but a few did, so we made the best of it.

    Cheers Sweet Cappy!

  6. Canada’s thanksgiving was celebrated by an explorer Forbisher looking for the Northwest passage.

    Many aboriginals celebrate a harvest in the season…maybe England could focus on that aspect?

    I loved this Thanksgiving in Chicago because I didn’t realize for most…it’s a four day weekend…which is magnificent!

    I also found out they have there funny sales…at midnight to promote businesses date with getting into the “black” its called black Friday..and is supposed to be the fiscal year area where people with businesses have paid their bills and now till end of year should vbe profit. So stores put on massive sales.

    I however am not getting up in the middle of the night to go shopping. Yuck.

    People often decorate their Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend in United States although…for me this is way too early. Besidees, we only have a small pink xmas tree…no room for a tree in our small apartment!

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