my works do, or the wifes works do? ours, at hillsborough football ground, surrounded by lots of folk that i have to work with, but don’t particularly like, or the wifes. easy choice. it was wifeys works do. it was also combined with a bit of a retirement party for one of her colleagues.
so we went to the huntsmans inn.

they advertise it as a booze snooze weekend. what this entails is an evening meal, and a bed for the night. all for £60. now that’s a bargain in anyones money!
the pub/hotel itself is situated about a mile and a half outside holmfirth.
holmfirth is where the BBC film the worlds longest running sit com, “last of the summer wine”

we booked in and were given the choice of rooms. the family room or a twin. we opted for the family.
we opened the door and were greeted by two beds.
“it’s a twin!” said wifey.
“who cares? we’re only sleeping in it, theres no difference in price!”
“fair comment.” she says pushing the beds together (bit presumptuous) “just going to the toilet”

“bit posh this! a twin with a kitchen!”

“that’s because it’s the family, this isn’t the toilet, it’s a bedroom”
“so where is the lav?”

“here!! it’s bigger than ours!”

the only disapointing thing was the view, but saying that, there aint a great deal to see on the yorkshire moors at this time of year!
not even any sheep (dinners!)
back to the plot! we went down into the bar to meet the others,
and i had a pint of the local brew, “J.W.Lees” a real hand-pulled pint! lovely and a few were had!! after a while we were ushered into the restraunt, and our orders took.

the food was amazing! we had the choice of around thirty different starters, and the same amount of mains. no kidding. and talk about variety! something for everybody. for starters wifey chose crab cakes with vietnamese style sauce, and i opted for the fried black pudding with a cheese sauce, and fried leeks and onion. for the main wifey had pan fried sirloin steak strips in a garlic, black bean and pepper sauce with floured tortilla wraps, and i decided to stay with the rural theme and had the liver onion and bacon. oh and we had a bottle of wine for each couple too! then the puddings…. wifey declined, i had home made treacle tart with locally made ice cream. hmmmm. treacle!
then it was back to the bar, which (should have) closed at 11pm, but the fact that there were over twenty people wanting to sit and drink, (and the fact that is was pointed out that it was advertised as a booze snooze weekend) stayed open, serving anything from a bottle, or shorts! hence the fact i went onto baileys! mmm, creamy! at a silly hour, we parted company, and went to the room, where we recreated our wedding night. namely me watching telly in a drunken stupor! the only difference was i wasn’t as drunk as my wedding night, and i didn’t spill a pint of guinness, nearly ruining wifeys dress!

up early this morning, and unfortunately having to skip what looked like a superb fry up, due to young master cappy playing footy!
all in a top night out. and if any of you are up in this neck of the woods and wondering where to stay, try booking in for a booze snooze night! remember, for only £60 per couple, you get
a damn fine meal. a decent bottle of wine. a very good room.

make a note…


*nora batty is one of the main characters in last of the summer wine.


4 responses to “I DIDN’T SEE NORA!

  1. Sunday nights BBC1 – Last of the Summer Wine, Antiques Roadshow and Songs of Praise and tea at my in-laws before my father-in-law passed on. Memories.

  2. I have to confess to missing a fry-up. You just can’t get the same bacon or sausages here as you can at home.
    On the other hand, “Last of the summer wine” can disappear up its own arse.

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