the so called “supergroup” made up of; Damon Albarn (Blur and Gorillaz), Paul Simonon (The Clash), Simon Tong (The Verve) and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti).

what can i say? to be honest, it hasn’t been on heavy rotation in the cappy household. as with most things cd wise, it was bought, ripped and stored!

kingdom of doom -the good the bad and the queen

and to be truthfull, i think i’ve probably listened to it what? two, maybe three times since? as usually happens, i may have played a track or two on my radio show, or podcast, but apart from that it tends to get forgotten about. i only listened to muse’s absolution album in full for the first time yesterday! and how old is that? 2003 it was released, so 4 years i’ve had it!!! but thats me! i promise i’ll have a proper listen today!

anyway, i would find it hard to be really objective where damon albarn is concerned. (or damien allbran as wifey insists on calling him)

i loved blur (at the same time as loving oasis. why should i have to pick just one?) to me albarn was the ray davies to noel gallaghers lennon (not that i’m comparing either). he was, to me, the natural succesor to wellers crown of social conscience in verse form. ok, i never fell for the whole “mockney” accent, but then, the group may not have had the same dynamic without it. worked for weller! (yes, i said something almost blasphemous)

try this one. not an obvious choice, but my fave!

the universal – blur

like i say, loved blur, very under-rated early on, and lambasted at thier end. the rumour that they are close to reforming is still being bandied about, but how much truth there is in it, lets see. i do reckon though, if they were to get back together, the demand for tickets may come as a shock to some, especially the afore mentioned mr gallagher.

also, i thought the stuff he did with jamie hewlett as the “worlds first virtual band” gorrillaz was stunning both aurally and visually. if you can get a copy of the live performance at the manchester opera house from a couple of years back, i suggest you buy it, grab a nice bottle of wine, lock the doors, turn off the phones and sit back and enjoy! hewletts images projected on a big screen whilst the band, visible only in silohuette, perform the whole of “demon days”. pure class. totlally hypnotic.

in fact, heres a sneaky peak!

gorillaz – live in manchester

god i enjoyed writing that! and it sounds almost professinal! i could talk music all day long and not get bored.

who you want to ask about next?


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