meet george deefur ,

11 week old beagle. runt of the litter,
and nearly the cause of a divorce!
until i saw him,
and this face,

and this face too…

whats a man to do?

wifey rang me from scotland on tuesday night to tell me we were getting a puppy! “no we’re f***ing not!” but she’d already told the boy we were! if you fetch a dog home, i am leaving! and i meant it! that is until she woke me on friday, i rolled over, and there he was! then she told me that he was the runt of the litter and that the breader was “going to drown him, cos thats what they do, he’s of no value to them” then i saw the boys face, and what could i do? so we are now beagle owners. (i admit they are second only to collies as my fave dog) the hard part of naming him came next.

the wife. “snoopy” don’t be so bleeding obvious!

the boy….”tom, like tom and jerry”. doofus, thats a cat. “ronaldo, no! rooney” theres no way i am calling any dog of ours after a man utd player. if you must, then call him george, after mr best. (and if anyone asks, it’s after g.m. schultz, who created snoopy![another childhood obsession])

so george he is. george deefur. as in d for dog!

more photos as he grows.


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11 responses to “DID I SAY I HAD BIG NEWS?

  1. Sorry to rain or your parade Cappy, but do you have any idea how much they howl as they get older? I mean, like non-stop. A girl at work had to give hers away it wouldn’t shut up.
    Good luck, my friend…

  2. pup, yes, you are most correct about the charles not george! whatever was i thinking?

    ron. so i hear! but they are trainable. apparently! heres hoping.

  3. Oh my he isadorable how could you not fall in love with him?

    Hey this reminds me of an HONEYMOONERS episode which is an old tv show about a dirt poor barely working class family with Jackie Gleason. He found a puppy and his wife loved it…and he rebelled but of course he came to love the puppy more than anyone.

  4. Vert cute indeed. They can be trained not to howl but don’t aske me how. I had enough trouble teaching mine to sit. lol

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