my best buddy and me met spider (scooter-forums) and went to see “from the jam” at the sheffield octogon. and fuck me they were good! in fact they were better than good, they were astounding!

From The Jam 2007 (from left to right): Dave Moore (keyboards, guitar), Russell Hastings (vocals, guitar),Bruce Foxton (bass, vocals), Rick Buckler (drums). Photo credit: (c) John Walker

loads of jam classics, and even more album tracks! and whats more, and as i commented to spider and skaz, they didn’t play town called malice, and more power to em! i, along with however many other misty eyed men of a certain age sang my heart out to every single song. so much so that my throat is now raw. but soooo worth it.

the response they got was unreal. i was transported back to 1977-1982 all over again! if you have the chance, go see em. i’m planning on taking V.

we may have had the chance to get into the soundcheck and meet them, but it wasn’t to be. next time eh spider?

anyhoo, theres a few pics, and heres a couple of vids.

(the vids are short due to the amount of alcohol being thrown. didn’t want to ruin my new phone[more on that later])
david watts

set the house ablaze

down in the tube station at midnight (watch the beer fly!)

(including a link to scooter-forums. yay us!!)


5 responses to “THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

  1. That sounded fucking brilliant!!!

    Can’t make the Manners gig after all but confirmed I’m at the next with Vince. I’ll bell you when I know the date and see if you’re free.

  2. kate. if you knew how much that band means to me, then you’d understand!
    skaz loves em, but i’m afraid to say that i take it to a whole other level. but then, when they have been part of your life for over 30 years, they have that affect. i am not delusional enough to think that weller will ever get together with rick and bruce, so for me, it’s the nearest i’ll ever get to seeing the “real deal”. and trust me, they were!

    4D: if you get the chance to see this lot though mate, grab it with both hands. as for bad manners, they tour every christmas without fail, so no longer than 12 months to wait!

  3. They sounded so good! Lookslike you had a great ime and I like your description of “misty eyed men” I cry at some concerts so I understand.

  4. Just had a few unexpected beers with Vince n Buster n the crew!!! Yeeeeessss!!!

    I’ll send you the dates of future gigs – Vince’ll give em to me and we are guaranteed backstage mate!

    He’s not put on much weight lately!!

    Jax came along and drove me home – which was a wise move. Jeez I’m pissed…

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