i apologise for the prolonged abscence, but i have been rather unwell!
let me fill you in…
on the sunday before xmas, i went up to the kiddies ward of the local hospital, with a fellow scooterist to drop off some chocolate that he, another, and myself were donating to those unfortunate enough to be there over the festive period. i myself spent some time in hospital over xmas as a child, and it aint no fun!
anyway, after coming home and watching telly, i started to feel decidedly ropey. cue christmas eve, and not feeling much better i spent the day relaxing on the sofa. i had a show to do that evening, and my best mate was due round to drop the boys gift off too. so that i wouldn’t have to rush about at the last moments, i decided to start to get my set up ready for the show early. which i did, and found that spider was doing a bit of an unanounced one too. so i thought i’d listen. unfortunately, i connected only breifly before i was informed that my connection had been “lost”. after trying, in vain, to re-connect for a good half hour i realised that the little ball of fun called george had in fact chewed through the broadband cable!
so i retired back down stairs, to await my visitor, and try to inform spider via the mobile!! in due course my mate came, and spent more time in the kitchen with wifey, than with me. not that i was at all bothered, thats the kind of relationship we have. especially when i was sitting on the sofa sniffling and coughing! he left after a short while (he’d been running around all day for other folk and wanted to get home, put his feet up and have a beer! who could blame him?) which left us the task of putting the boy to bed, ealry enough that he’d get a good nights slepp, but not too early that he’d be bouncing on our bed at 4am! with this done it was time for me and wifey to settle down to watch some telly. it was ken dodd night on bbc2 (google him all you overseas types) so we watched a documentary and then an old blankety blank with him on. oh how gloriously cheap that programme was…and les dawson??
it soon became time for us to retire, and as such we did.
christmas day came around far too soon. we woke around 7:10 and both of us managed to bathe before the boy woke. then when he did, it was time for us to go down stairs and see if “he’d been” yes he had!!
the boy took no time at all to open all his presents, and the look on his face when he opened his Wii was a sight to behold. especially as we’d been telling him he’d have to wait until his birthday in june to get one as there were none left! we had in fact had it since august time, which in the end was a good thing, ask all those disappointed kids out there! my parental unit came through, as did wifey’s mum. i sat coughing, sniffling, and generally grunting my way through the morning, and they eventually left. at which point my entire body shut down. i made it upstairs in the quickest time since my ankle debacle, so that i could throw what little there was in my stomach, all over the bathroom.
it was then that the decision was made that i didn’t go up to the mother in laws for christmas dinner, and indeed it would be beneficial to go back to bed. which i did. until saturday! thus missing said xmas lunch, the boxing day football match, and boxing day tea at my parents.
yes. me miss food. thats how ill i was.
i eventually dragged myself out of my self induced slumber, and spent most of the weekend half comatose on the settee. i finally left the house on new years eve to take the dog to the vets, and go to my sister in laws for the festivities.
(a couple of ciders and a couple of guinness’s)
i rang AJ and CV after midnight to try to suprise them. which of course backfired, as i only got their answering machines!
theres more to tell of the vets and the journey home after the new years party, but i’ll save them for tomorrow.
all thats left to say is thanks to dinners for keeping in touch via text, and to wish you all a happy and prospourous 2008!
happy new year!
love cappy.

9 responses to “IT’S OK, STOP PANICKING…

  1. I couldn’t get to CV either. Dropping my mobiley in the swimming pool (yep, my mates got a pool in his back garden. Sadly he doesn’t live in Miami and swimming in it at 3 am was not wise) probably didn’t help.

    Soz yer were sick mate. I drank plenty for you though!! Hope you enjoyed ’em as much as I did.

  2. awwight at the back?
    er no! not after being drugged and visciously buggered without giving my consent.


    you talentless, no mark, fucking has been nonce. may you rot in hell.
    you give homosexuality a bad name.

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